Who We Are

We're a team of farmers with varying degrees of experience in organic farming, permaculture, gardening, business, and the arts.

What We Do

We serve as stewards of the land, grow nutritious food, foster learning, and embrace the inherent life of the farm.

Where We Are

We're located in the heart of San Juan Island, surrounded by the iconic Salish Sea midway between Canada's Vancouver Island and America's mainland.

Stay tuned!

Our farm was once a dairy operation in the early 1900s, started by the Schull family. In the mid-century it became Glad Acres with a communal living setting. The Moon and Sixpence Bed and Breakfast opened on this site in the 1980s, and shortly after the start of the 21st century, the property became a farm again, following biointensive practices.

In 2017 the property changed hands yet again, and now that we've built our team we're developing our vision for the future. We intend to use organic and sustainable farming practices, and we'll likely incorporate some permaculture and agriforestry principles in our endeavors, too.

We plan to experiment with a variety of product lines over the next few years, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, herbs, mushrooms, eggs, and flowers. We also hope to develop some value added products down the road, depending on which products thrive here.

We're passionate about food. We're also committed to our island and our earth, and we hope to create a place that offers beauty and joy for our friends, our families, and other visitors, too.

Please stay tuned! Join our mailing list, or send us an email, or stop by our farm store when it opens Summer 2018.