Who’s Your Farmer?

Get to know your food, where it comes from, who grows it, and how it’s grown, with your weekly CSA box of fresh, nutrient-dense produce grown right here at Dancing Seeds Farm on San Juan Island.

Yes, that’s right! We’ve sold out for our 2019 CSA and we’re so thankful for those members who took that leap of faith with us. We’ll begin taking early subscriptions for 2020 next fall.  The season will run from early May to October, or 24 weeks. Throughout the season you can expect exceptionally fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We will also provide email updates about what’s coming out of the ground each week and recipes and ideas for how to use them. See below for a better idea of what you might get week-to-week.

Wait! What is a CSA and why would I want to join?

A CSA is a grower-customer relationship model in which the customer agrees to pay at the beginning of the season for an agreed-upon amount of weekly produce. It’s a great way for customers to enjoy the freshest food possible at a reasonable price. Fruits and vegetables generally begin to lose their  flavor, nutrition and overall quality soon after harvest. By joining our CSA, you can be assured that your food will maintain its freshness far beyond what you’d find at the store.

Also, your membership gives your farmer a better idea of how much to plant and helps with the up-front costs of seeds, fertilizer, and labor before the first crops actually come out of the ground. Farming is a game of stacking layers of timing, sunlight, heat, water, shade, and more. As farmers, we plan the whole season ahead of us with a seasonal harvesting plan for a wide variety, but Mother Nature doesn’t always see it our way.

This unpredictability keeps us on our toes, but it’s also part of what’s fun about joining a CSA: you never know exactly what you might get week to week.

What will you get from a CSA membership?

  •  24 weekly boxes of unbelievably fresh and delicious, nutrition-packed seasonal vegetables that will make you dance!
  • Prices comparable and often cheaper than retail, and incomparable freshness.
  • A sense of connection to the people who are lovingly growing the best food we can and to the land where it is grown.
  • A weekly digest with what to expect and recipes to plan your week.
  • Saved time! Your pre-packed box of delicious fruits and vegetables will be waiting for you when you arrive on CSA pick-up day.
  • Variety in your diet. We’ll try to keep your boxes filled with different things from week to week. You might learn to enjoy and cook something new.
  • A relationship with your local farm and the peace of mind that you’re helping your farmer provide for your community. By keeping your dollars local, you’re also keeping your environment greener.
  • First place in the community, in the rush to get our cabbage, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, radishes, eggs, flowers and more. You’ll also earn bragging rights about the tasty and unique food that YOUR farmer grew for YOU!
  • An invitation to our annual Summer Bounty Potluck to hang with your farmers, friends, and neighbors, eat great food, tour the farm, and see where all your food is grown. You can also say hello to the chickens and their faithful leader, the giant Black Australorp rooster known as The Kraken.

Cost and What To Expect:

  1. Full Share – $780 for the season May 1 – Oct 30 ($32.50/week). With a Full Share you’ll receive 6-10 items each week. This is a good fit for 2-3 people. If you have a bigger family, love to make juice, or are just voracious vegetable eaters, we recommend buying a second share.
  2. Small Share – $540 for the season May 1 -Oct 30 ($22.50 per week). With a Small Share you’ll receive 5-7 items each week. This is perfect for 1-2 people, or those who only cook a few times per week.
  3. Flower Share – $150 for the season June 5 – August 28 ($11.50 per week). Includes 1 mixed seasonal bouquet.
  4. Flexible Share – Don’t need a box every week? Buy a punch card for 10 boxes and let us know a week in advance. Small box – $250 ($25/box)  Full Box – $350 ($35/box)
  5. Friends With Benefits – Buy a full share or small share as a gift for your family, friends, or neighbors!
  6. Island Love – Add onto your subscription towards a produce donation to the SJI Food Bank! – $25 – $50 – $100 or $$ Amount of your Choice.

Note: the spring season is typically slower than summer months, and we can’t control what the weather does. So don’t be surprised if your first few boxes look small. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our produce over the course of the full season.


Cash or Check is preferred. We can also take Paypal or Square, but be aware that this includes their processing fees – Paypal charges 3%, Square charges 4%.

  1. Upfront in full by February 15th. This is our preferred option, which allows us to know for certain how much to grow and when, and helps us pay for costs such as fertilizers, seeds, and labor early in the season before anything is coming out of the ground.
  2. Half upfront by February 15th, half upon pickup of first box on May 1st.

Pickup Time and Location:

Your box will be available for pickup between the hours of 12-6 pm every Tuesday at our farm store: 3501 Beaverton Valley Rd.

  • We’ll harvest for our CSA on Monday evening and Tuesday morning so that it’s as fresh as possible when you arrive. If you can’t make it on Tuesday, let us know by 6 pm that day (360-622-2330), and we’ll hold your box until 6 pm Wednesday. If we haven’t heard from you by 6 pm that Tuesday, your produce will be donated to the San Juan Island Food Bank.
  • If we don’t see you by 6 pm on Wednesday, your produce will be donated to the farmers and/or our voracious hens.


Q: What if I am out of town or too busy to eat my weekly share?

A: This is a great opportunity to share with your neighbors and friends! Most anybody would be happy to help you with this predicament. Let us know who will be picking up your share, and make sure they know when and where to go. If no one will be picking up your box, please let us know in advance and we’ll donate that week’s produce to the SJI Food Bank.

Q: Is Dancing Seeds Farm organic?

A: We are not Certified Organic; however we follow organic growing practices and don’t do anything that is not allowed in organic certification. We also incorporate sustainability and other practices that aren’t specified in organic certification, such as integrated pest management (encouraging good bugs to help control less desirable bugs), crop rotation, cover cropping, composting/compost teas, and low till methods. We believe our approach makes our produce “beyond organic.”

Q: Do I get to choose what’s in my box?

A: Sorry, we cannot customize CSA boxes and keep our prices low. We promise you’ll get the best of what’s growing that week. If there is something that you’re allergic to or truly hate and will not eat, let us know by May 1st and we will make sure to replace it with something else. (If you later discover a new allergy, let us know.)

We may also occasionally have a “trade basket” at the Farm Store stocked with a few extra items if you want to make a trade on your pick-up day.

Q: Can I return my empty box from last week to be re-used?

A: YES! Please Please Please bring back your empty box each week. Our boxes are costly and they’re also reusable. If you forget to bring yours back, no worries; you don’t need to go out of your way to get it  back to us, it’s not worth your time or gas. Just please do remember to bring ALL of your old boxes the next pickup day.

Q: How did you come up with share price?

A: We plan to include at least one fruit, root vegetable, leafy green, herb, and one other vegetable in every box. We came up with a mix of produce that could be available each week throughout the season, and came up with an average price that is somewhere between our retail and wholesale prices, giving you a great deal!

Q: What can I expect in my box throughout the seasons?

A: Each box will offer a variety of items, depending on whatever is at the peak of harvest during that week. **Examples only**

  • May
    • Small Share: Spinach, radishes, flowering broccoli, rosemary
    • Full Share: Above + spring onions, pea shoots
  • June
    • Small Share: Beets, kale, cabbage, strawberries, mint
    • Full Share: Above + scallions, 2 heads lettuce, peas
  • July
    • Small: Garlic, 1 head lettuce, beets, peas,strawberries, thyme
    • Full: Above + arugula, fennel, onions
  • August
    • Small: Onions, 1 head lettuce, green beans, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, blueberries, rosemary
    • Full: Above + 2 heads lettuce, jalapenos, blueberries, plums
  • September
    • Small: Tomatoes, peppers, 1 head lettuce, zucchini, carrots, garlic, microgreens, chives
    • Full: Above + 2nd head lettuce, beets, strawberries/apples
  • October
    • Small: Cabbage, radishes, peas, spinach, apples, bok choi
    • Full: More of something Above + microgreens or arugula, leeks

Q: How can I sign up?

A: Easy! Simply print and sign this form below and deliver it to us at our farm store during regular business hours along with your payment. Got any more questions? Reach out to us via our contact page or call us at 360-622-2330.



___   FULL SHARE @ $780 =                                   ________


___  SMALL SHARE @ $540 =                                 ________


___  FLOWER SHARE @ $150 =                              ________


___  FLEXIBLE SHARE @ $250 OR $350 =            ________


FOOD BANK DONATION =                                     ________

TOTAL                                                                          ________

 I have read the Dancing Seeds Farm CSA Program summary.