What products do you offer?

A variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We have discontinued our egg operations.

When is your farm store open?

Our store is open 8am to 7pm M-F and Sundays starting mid-April and continuing through October. We operate on the honor system and ask you to respect our trust.

Do you sell your products at the co-op or farmer’s market?

Yes, we sell at both locations. You can also find our products at select restaurants around Friday Harbor.

Will you be hiring WWOOFERS, interns or part-time employees in 2018?

We had a fantastic intern program in 2019 but will not be offering an internship program in 2020. We do not hire Wwoofers.

Is your farm available for events?

Definitely maybe. Contact us at info@dancingseedsfarm.com and we’ll talk.

What are you doing about Covid-19?

First off, we are stepping up our sanitation protocols. We already follow and document industry best practices for hand washing, cleaning our harvest tools and bins, washing our produce, cleaning our prep stations and fridges etc. On top of existing sanitation protocols, we will be using gloves and masks when bagging greens, packing our CSA and restaurant delivery boxes, or stocking the farm store.

Though we hate to increase our plastic use, we will also be using plastic liners in our CSA and restaurant boxes as long as there is any concern of Coronavirus. We will also wear gloves at the farmer’s market, and when possible, have two of us available so that one can exclusively handle produce, and the other can exclusively handle cash. 

Currently there is no evidence to support COVID-19 being transmitted through food, but rest assured we will be washing our hands, produce, and facilities extra thoroughly.