About us

Our Farm

Once a dairy farm and homestead in the early 1900s, this historic farm became Glad Acres in the mid-20th century with a communal living setting. In the 1980s, it was the Moon and Sixpence Bed and Breakfast. And shortly after the start of the 21st century, the property became a biointensive organic farm known as Synergy Farm.

In 2017 the farm found new owners yet again, and then again in 2020. Each member of our team brings to the farm a unique set of passions and interests, and together we’ve developed a vision that incorporates land stewardship, healthy food, a love of learning, and appreciating the inherent joys of being on the land.

Currently we are cultivating about two acres of mixed fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, fresh herbs, and nuts.

We have varying ideas for the farm, interests, and backgrounds in organic farming, landscaping, permaculture, business, healing, and the arts, but we all share the same goal of growing delicious food that’s good for our community using practices that are good for the earth.

Our People


I got my start pulling weeds for my mom at a young age, and returned to the garden in college with two zucchini plants. I studied Environmentally Sustainable Business Practice and Education from WWU, where I also discovered a love for wild foraging, plant identification, ecology, and growing food.

I made it over to SJI in 2017 after two years studying and living at the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island, and managing their nursery. I am particularly interested in tree crops and Cut Flowers and community education and involvement at Dancing Seeds Farm.


“I enjoy working as a grower to locally produce food and helping gardeners in their learning process. Playing in the dirt and tending to plants is a lifelong passion. My first summer or organic farming was nearly twenty years ago. Back then it seemed like the rows of weeds and hot days would never end. Now I grasp to understand how the seasons come and go so quickly! I am inspired to be part of our local agricultural movement and treasure the experience of living on San Juan Island. If I could have one wish as a resident grower, it would be that our island farms and gardens can achieve food self-sufficiency to feed everyone here.

I like community involvement and staying busy. Some of my other roles include: Licensed Massage Therapist, WSU Master Gardener Intern, Volunteer Fire Fighter, SJI Community Gardener, Certified Herbalist and cyclist. “